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RAM 2012 Limited Edition Year Sets Six Coin Proof Set

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Product Description

Item: Royal Australian Mint 2012 Limited Edition Year Sets Six Coin Proof Set

Issue Mint: Royal Australian Mint

Legal Tender: Australian $3.85

Mintage: 50,000

Material: Base Metal

Condition: The proof coins sit in a foam insert in a clear plastic holder, inside a leather wallet with a booklet, inside an outer box. Both the outer and inner packaging is distinctly different from the 2011 sets and will be easily recognisable on your display shelves.

Issue Price: $130.00

Release Date: 1 NOVEMBER 2011

Theme Background:

The Royal Australian Mint will again be releasing the annual six coin set featuring Australian circulating coin designs. However, the 2012 sets have a special surprise for circulating coin design collectors.

Coin Set Features: 

Each 2012 proof and uncirculated collection presents all six circulating coin designs from 5c through to $2. The designs are enhanced in 2012 through added attention to the tooling and coining processes which hasn’t been provided to their circulating counterparts.
The uncirculated set will feature a 50 cent piece with a hyper-metallic selective print accentuating the Australian Coat of Arms.
An exquisitely struck, selectively gold plated 50 cent piece is the central feature of the proof set, whose precisely polished designs will impress even the most discerning of collectors.


Stuart Devlin – 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1
Horst Hahne - $2

Monetary Denomination (AUD) Metal Diameter
Mass Finish
$2 Al/Br 20.50 6.60 Unc
$1 Al/Br 25.00 9.00 Unc
$0.5 Cu/Ni 31.51 15.55 Unc
$0.2 Cu/Ni 28.52 11.30 Unc
$0.1 Cu/Ni 23.60 5.65 Unc
0.05 Cu/Ni 19.41 2.83 Unc

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